Extract from http://www.most.gov.pk/frames/pressbrifings/brief%20for%20international%20vsat%20policy%20for%20call%20centers.htm




The availability of reliable international connectivity using multiple access paths is a strategic advantage for domestic IT industry. Therefore in addition to existing PTCL international bandwidth operations, PTCL is extending the scope of services through enabling franchising of PTCL rights to call center operator who can install VSATs on their roof-tops for international communications.


Proposed Policy


Salient features of the policy being adopted are:


                     International VSATS for call center operations are allowed who could use these services for voice and data communications.

                     Customer shall operate services under the umbrella of PTCL

                     The customer shall negotiate and arrange the satellite bandwidth with the help of PTCL at a tariff mutually agreed between the call center operator and the satellite service provider.

                     PTCL shall charge a nominal franchise fee / service charge.

                     The VSAT may be installed at the rooftop of the customerís premises where service will be delivered directly to the customer bypassing the terrestrial network.

                     The circuit will be restricted to point to point links


Service Provisioning for Call Centers


Call Center is of the fastest growing IT service industries in the world and represents a major source of income for our IT industry in future. A leading publication - Call center operations, requirements & opportunities, USA forecasts that the call center operations market in USA alone will grow 21% annually from US$ 7 Billion last year to US$ 18 Billion by 2002. Global call center market is almost double this size and in Pakistan, call centers are still at an experimental stage.


Presently, international connectivity to call centers is provided from SEA-ME-WE3 Submarine Optical Fiber System and on Intelsat Satellite Earth Stations at Islamabad and Karachi. The connectivity is extended to customer premises all over the country using national long distance junction and local medias comprising optical fiber, digital radio, digital cross connect and physical copper link. Due to system technology limitations highly reliable International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) cannot be guaranteed as demanded by customers who are establishing IT related projects such as call centers.


In order to eliminate these points of failures in the domestic network, the alternate solution of roof top satellite connectivity using   V-Sat technology has been adopted by PTCL to address service redundancy concerns of the customer.