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  Need a Call Center for
  your company? $69/month flat rate for unlimited calls USA and Canada. Unlimited incoming from anywhere.

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Don't all  of us wish that we could hire some other person to do our small day to day computer work?
Won't it be just great, if someone could make phone calls for us and type the lengthy letters for us.

Or make that airline or rent a car appointment for us when, you don't have time to listen to all that HOLD MUSIC.

All this now can be done for you by Your Personal Assistant.

You can now take advantage of our VIRTUAL ASSISTANT or Human Resource Services at a very very affordable cost.


Thanks to Super Technologies' new Virtual Assistant Service, you can now have your own personal Assistant outsourced in a High End Call Center in Pakistan, with excellent education, and superb English Speaking and Writing skills, equipped with.
  • State of the art computer.
  • High Speed Internet.
  • Direct Phone Line.
  • Direct Fax Line.
  • Personalized Email
  • Instant Messenger like AIM, ICQ or MSN
  • His own Cell Phone
  • Supervisor Assistance.
  • His Own Cubical
  • Camera on him so you can see him or her
  • Starting for just 1200$US a month for 10 hrs a day 6 days a week.

    This personal assistant of yours can Do your work for you on Your computer, with the latest window's XP remote service capability or via Net meeting or Via PC anywhere.
  • Convert your paper documents into professional looking word documents.
  • Make phone calls for you.
  • Receive Phone calls for you. (You can forward your phone number to them.)
  • Do sales calls for you.
  • Follow up day to day jobs for you.
  • Remind you of doctor's appointments and even wake you up in the morning.
  • The possibilities are endless...


With our Virtual Phone Line Technology you can call this person directly any time at a local call charge.

No matter what your job is, your personal assistant can do it for you.

Remember it's not a computer.
It's a HUMAN BEING you are hiring for just pennies an hour.

Talk to one of our Sales Support Assistants Provided by us on 1-800-959-8924 which will ring in our call center in Pakistan.
If you are interested in having your own Personal Assistant, please email us on sales@mysuperphone.com with " I WANT ASSISTANT NOW" in subject.